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Spotting The Signs Of Addiction

The signs of drug addiction aren’t always easy to detect in a loved one. Unless your loved one already has a history of drug abuse, it can be difficult to come to terms with the idea that he or she has this sort of health problem. But if you do have suspicions, it’s important to explore them further for the sake of your loved one’s well-being. Drug rehab professionals in Tampa can give you the guidance you need during this difficult time.

Physical Problems

Drug and alcohol addiction can cause a range of physical changes. Depending on the specific substance your loved one may be abusing, you might notice that he or she displays unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, trembling or shaking hands, flushed skin, visibly broken blood vessels, or sudden changes in sleeping patterns. Your loved one may have slurred speech and impaired coordination, and you may notice that his or her personal grooming habits have deteriorated considerably. You may detect unusual odors on your loved one or the clothing.

Cognitive and Emotional Issues

Individuals with drug addictions are subject to major cognitive and emotional changes. They may suffer from frequent mood swings, experience changes in personality, or display irritability or rage. Your loved one may become unusually lethargic and “spaced out,” or he or she may have abnormal hyperactivity and giddiness. Your loved one may display paranoia, fearfulness, and anxiety for no apparent reason. Memory loss can occur and the individual may suffer from impaired concentration and the lack of motivation.

Behavioral Changes

Social isolation is one of the most common behavioral changes caused by drug addiction. Your loved one may no longer associate with former friends and he or she may try to avoid family members. Drug addicts tend to lose interest in their hobbies and other favorite activities. Your loved one may begin to behave secretively and he or she may suddenly develop financial problems. It’s common for drug addicts to experience significant declines in performance at work or school.

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