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Customized Addiction Recovery Program Specifically for Young Adults

In your 20s, it can be easy to feel invincible and ignore the signs of substance abuse and addictive behavior. However, seeking treatment for addiction while you are still in your 20s may be the best route to establishing healthier habits that you can fall back on for years to come. Drinking and recreational drug use are not uncommon for young adults, but it is important to recognize when substance abuse has taken over your life and become a problem for your health. If you find that it is difficult to function without drugs or alcohol, or you have gotten into trouble with the law as a result of substance abuse, you might connect with HealthCare Connection of Tampa to explore our customized addiction recovery program specifically for young adults.

Customized Care in Tampa

At HealthCare Connection, we understand that young adults have a unique perspective and different needs in their recovery than older patients. That’s why we have designed a dedicated program for individuals in their 20s who are seeking addiction recovery. Our program is designed to address the challenges of overcoming substance abuse early in adulthood, and it incorporates the following components to ensure successful clean living.

  • Assessment – No two addiction stories are alike, so your care will begin with a detailed health and psychological assessment to determine your needs in detox and treatment. Once a personalized care plan has been outlined, you may enter care in our inpatient facilities, which offer a safe and friendly environment for recovery.
  • Group counseling – Group therapy is an effective tool in addiction treatment, because it provides an opportunity to share your own story while hearing from others in your own age group who have had similar experiences.
  • Family support – Incorporating friends and family into your treatment can help you establish a sober lifestyle that is sustainable once you leave the care of our facility.

Sober Living As a Young Adult

Because it can be difficult to re-enter social situations while maintaining sobriety, our staff will provide continual interaction and outpatient services to help you stay in control. You might also maintain connections with other recovering young adults through ongoing group therapy sessions and lectures.

If you are seeking addiction recovery in Tampa, call HealthCare Connection today at (813) 931-5560. We have a number of personalized inpatient recovery programs for young adults, healthcare professionals, women, and working professionals who are in need of individually-tailored care for a full recovery.