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A Chemical Dependency Recovery Program Designed Exclusively for Women, Administered by Women

As a woman, you may pride yourself on how well you’ve hidden your alcohol or drug problem from your family, friends and neighbors. And unfortunately, you are not alone. Women with chemical dependency problems are one of the most overlooked groups in America.

Men seem to get all the attention. And that was a driving force behind HealthCare Connection of Tampa’s decision to create a program exclusively for women and led by women, some who have struggled with addictions themselves.

Our Womens’ Program concentrates on you as a woman, recognizing and being sensitive to the unique needs that each of you, and bring to your treatment experience.

All of our care is customized to the needs of each client. Therefore, it is important to get to the root causes of your addictive behavior. When you first enter our program you’ll be assessed for co-occurring disorders such as bipolar, anxiety, PTSD and depression as well as for multi-addictions including, but not limited to, eating disorders.

Once we have an understanding of your history, developing a program that will allow you to regain control becomes very clear.

When care begins you’ll find that your group sessions and lectures are gender specific. You’ll also find that our New Hope Village for Women provides a warm, friendly, safe environment where you can work through your issues with the understanding of other women. Many of our clients leave our program having built strong, lasting friendships with other members of their community.

After you’ve completed your care you’ll be in frequent contact and interaction with other recovering women who will provide the support you need as you return to your family and regular activities.

At HealthCare Connection of Tampa we’re here to help. For more information on our programs or to get started call us.