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Specific Curriculum for Doctors and Other Healthcare Professionals Including Nurses and Pharmacists

Our roots are firmly set in a history of providing successful recovery programs for healthcare professionals. HCC founder David P. Myers, MD, began his own medical career building a very successful practice as an anesthesiologist, until he developed a chemical dependency of his own, and redirected his professional career to helping other professionals with chemical dependency recovery.

At HealthCare Connection of Tampa we’ve developed an addictions recovery program that has a specific curriculum for doctors and other healthcare professionals including nurses and pharmacists.

As a client you’ll be working with counselors, many who have come from a similar place and professional background. They know the stresses and challenges that you face on a daily basis. They also understand how easy access to medication can lead to dependency. Maybe that’s why we are a national referral choice for the Professional Resource Network (PRN) among others, and a local resource for groups like the Intervention Program for Nurses – FL (IPN).

When you first enter our Healthcare Professionals Program you’ll meet with our professional team that includes both medical doctors and your primary therapist, for your initial assessment. You’ll also be able to address any concerns you may have regarding issues such as the management of your medical practice while you are in treatment, grievances and/or disciplinary problems, and any criminal/civil consequences arising from your chemically dependent behavior.

During treatment you’ll participate in two 12-step meetings each week specifically for healthcare professionals, have weekly “mirror image” counseling sessions with other HealthCare Connection alumni with a healthcare background.

You’ll also have weekly one-on-one sessions with your primary therapist to address any ongoing professional concerns, difficulties or grievances with the treatment process, and interactions with other patients/staff in the treatment community. We’ve found that this model has proven very successful in helping physicians and other healthcare professionals remain in treatment long enough to complete treatment and allow recovery principles to take hold to ensure ongoing success.

After you’ve completed your care you’ll be in frequent contact and interaction with other recovering healthcare professionals in the community who will provide the support you need as you return to your regular activities.

At HealthCare Connection of Tampa we’re here to help. For more information on our programs or to get started call us at 813-931-5660