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Family Drug And Alcohol Rehab Program In Tampa

Building a Strong Support System for Your Recovery in Tampa, Florida

The key to a successful recovery is a strong support system. Without the support from your family or friends, you may not have the courage to complete your recovery process. HealthCare Connection offers you our Family Program. From learning about our addictions recovery program to obtaining knowledge of healthy self-care practices, we can provide your family and friends the information they need to better support you.

Our Family Program includes:

  • Family/Friends Support Groups
  • Client and Family Therapy Groups
  • Intensive Family Weekends
    • 2016 Dates
      • January 15-17
      • June 3-5
      • July 8-10
      • October 21-23
  • Family and Couple Therapy

Have a Better Understanding

As good as your family’s intentions are, they may not know how to help you or have any idea what you’re going through. The better informed your family and friends are, the better they can assist you during this demanding time. Aside from your family and friends, you can depend on our passionate staff for undivided attention and support. Let our professionals at HealthCare Connection help you. Dial 813-931-5560 for directions to our clinic.