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Our addictions recovery program for attorneys is held to the highest standard

Early on we discovered two things about working with lawyers. You are often concerned that you and your issues will not be understood by our clinical staff and that the typical recovery process is not applicable to your needs.

At HealthCare Connection of Tampa, we listened to these concerns and created the only attorneys’ addictions recovery program in the country that has a specific curriculum for attorneys and is administered by certified addiction professionals who are attorneys in recovery themselves.

You’ll also find that a variety of your group sessions will be facilitated by attorneys too.
That means in many cases you’ll be working with counselors who have come from a similar place and professional background. They know the stresses and challenges that lawyers face on a daily basis. They understand. And maybe that’s why we are a referral choice for lawyers assistance programs across the country.

During treatment, you’ll participate in two 12-step meetings each week specifically for attorneys and have weekly “mirror image” counseling sessions with other HealthCare Connection alumni-attorneys.

You’ll also have weekly one-on-one sessions with your primary therapist to address any ongoing professional concerns, difficulties or grievances with the treatment process, and interactions with other patients/staff in the treatment community. We’ve found that this model has proven very successful in helping attorneys complete treatment and allow recovery principles to take hold to ensure ongoing success.

After you’ve completed your care you’ll be in frequent contact and interaction with other recovering attorneys in the community who will provide the support you need as you return to your regular activities.

At HealthCare Connection of Tampa we’re here to help. For more information on our programs or to get started call us at 813-931-5560.